Chicago 2018 NYE – Best New Year’s party in Chicago

On the last day of 2017, I went to different places around Chicago to get a sense of the mood in the city and feel the NYE vibe!.

NYE 2018 Chicago

“So you are no stranger to Chicago,” I ask him.

“It’s my first time to spend my New Years Eve outside of Chicago,” he tells me. “Actually, my brother lives here and he told me if I want to experience a night in Chicago I should come here, that’s why I am here.”

Chicago 2018 NYE – Best New Year’s party in Chicago

“2016 was not the way we liked, so 2017 should be better; better is the most we can expect.”

The first of January is a time to start over, to forget the old and relish the new, an opportunity to resolve to change (even if you never quite get there). Whether you’re hoping to shed excess pounds or kick a bad habit, before going cold turkey why not have one last fling? Plan your last hurrah in style, at one of the Chicago’s most impressive New Year’s Eve celebrations.

New Year’s Eve is one holiday tradition Chicagoans take seriously. Let the rubes freeze in Magnificent Mile! We locals know better. If we’re sticking around the city at midnight it’s likely because there’s a myriad of better ways to celebrate.

Best NYE party in Chicago 2018

If New Year’s Eve is the ultimate party and Chicago  is the ultimate party town, then the ball drop signifies much more than the new year. It’s a sign of communal puberty, of growing up. New Year’s Eve in Chicago is one of the few festive nights of the year where everyone’s turning the same page at the same time and countless sequinned strangers will join you to watch the sun rise. And fostering such communal commiserating, such non-denomination union, is ultimately the function of a good party!

Chicago New Year’s Eve party

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